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How to Turn Your LinkedIn™ Profile into a Magnet for New Clients, Offer and Opportunities!

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"NEW! How to Set Up Your LinkedIn™ Profile to Attract and Land New High-Paying Business Opportunities Consistently" 

For speakers, authors, consultants, coaches, and professionals who want to discover how they can use LinkedIn™ to grow their business and gain massive visiblity -- YOU are in the right place...

How many LinkedIn™ profile visits do you get every month? 50?100? 2000? 

Have you ever wondered what happens with all those viewers?

 And what if there was a system to convert even 1 of out these profiles into a client.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Setting up your LinkedIn™ profile the correct way is the fastest way to get the most out of LinkedIn™.

I have a specific system to do this, and it won't take you longer than a couple of hours.

Just think about it...only a couple of ours to make your profile stand out from the 99% of your competition! 

And even if you will ever only get one client or project out of this, it's already worth your time! 

I've personally taught this system to hundreds of my students and mentees and the results have been staggering.

But at some point I realised I couldn't be there for all of my students...I needed to document the exact step-by-step system for professionals like - you, so that you know what to do to make your profile 200% more attractive and magnetizing for new opportunities.

I call it this system, "LinkedIn™ Profile as a Landing Page." 

Why a "Landing Page"? Because your LinkedIn™ Profile, just like a Landing Page, is a summary of your business. 

If the summary is good, a lot more people will be interested in working with you. 

Here's what will happen if you have a good LinkedIn™ profile:

  • Future clients or employers will take you a lot more seriously 
  • ​You will get more LinkedIn™ connections and expand your network (your network is your net worth)
  • You will receive more offers from people in your industry
  • ​​Your profile will be suggested to people in your target audience

These and many other awesome benefits can be possible with a couple of tweaks to your LinkedIn™ profile. 

The "LinkedIn™ Profile as a Landing Page" program is the exact step-by-step plan you need - click the button below and get started today! 

Meet My Clients

"My challenge as I started was visibility. There are so many recruiters, consultants, coaches in my industry, so my target was to become more visible, to be found when someone looks for recruitment, outsourcing, interim recruiting and executive search, especially on LinkedIn™. In order to get there, you need to know what to mention where in your profile and your content strategy, how to use LinkedIn™ properly as a business tool. That is why I looked for a coach and found Natalia. 

After her coachsulting a lot of things changed within a year. My followers octupled from 700 to 6500. I’ve learned how to strategically utilize LinkedIn™. Today, I know what I need to mention where, to show up in search request by people who look for my services. My visibility on my articles is huge and I get more relevant contact requests than the requests which I send out. This is great and exactly the effect I was going for."

Sascha Jecht, Global Sourcing Expert, Recruiter, Entrepreneur and Founder

"After working for many years in the corporate construction world, I decided to start my own consulting business. One of my first challenges was figuring out how do I market myself and how do I get myself and my abilities out there. My goal was to create a professional online presence so future clients could find me and contact me. I did a lot of research and found Dr. Natalia. Her professional style and hands on approach was exactly what I was looking for. Her unique coachsulting concept changed the game for me. The specifically tailored one-on-one training method she utilized in working with me was the true difference maker. I've learned how to strategically network, how to utilize social media for free public relations, how to develop new friendships and generate new business leads, create valuable LinkedIn™ videos and so much more. 
The results I've achieved in working with Dr. Natalia, well, they speak for themselves. I've tripled my amount of LinkedIn™ followers in the last four months. I've been invited to share my story on my first podcast. I've established several new clients and many new client opportunities and been invited to be a guest speaker twice. I highly recommend working with Dr. Natalia. When it comes to personal branding, she is, as we say in my world, the best of the best."

Lonnie Morelock, Construction Team Management Expert, Leadership Trainer & Motivational Communications Speaker

“My biggest challenge of starting a business was getting over my fear. My career was heavily focused on doing what I thought I was “supposed” to do. Get an MBA and work my way up the corporate ladder. Moving several times within Canada, to Switzerland and again to France, when I was ready to turn my passion into a business. But I was terrified to actually share my story, scared to even change my LinkedIn™ profile to say that that I left the corporate world.

At this time I began aggressively reading motivational and spiritual business books and suddenly all these guru’s showed up on my social pages. Dr. Natalia’s LinkedIn™ impressed me because she was successful and she shared her story authenticly. I watched all her videos, the one about her sabbatical multiple times before I said I HAVE to work with her. Scheduled a discovery call and signed up right away.

My biggest achievement since working with Dr. Natalia is being able to confidently share my story and myself as a brand. I have had success on social media, appeared on two TV interviews, and seen an increase in my business offerings. I know my business and brand will be a big success and I owe Natalia and her coaching program for giving me the confidence to share my story.” 

Jane Stoller – Director, Author, University Instructor & Organizing Strategist


  • LinkedIn™ Profile Optimization Checklist along with a 40-minute deep-dive video
  • ​Profile Sharpening Worksheet - The 6 most critical questions you need to ask yourself before designing your LinkedIn™ profile
  • ​Learn what a LinkedIn™ profile truly is and what is not (not knowing this will cost you a lot of money…)
  • ​I’ll guide you STEP BY STEP through every section of your LinkedIn™ profile to turn it into an attractive, lead-generating landing page


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LinkedIn™ Personal Brand Guide
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  • 6 daily steps to make the most out of your personal brand on LinkedIn™ Guide
  • Learn what I do EVERY day to generate leads, create epic content, expand my social network, get more visibility, highly paid speaking gigs and more.
  • ​How I gained over 81.000 followers by applying this formula


Master your first photo shoot guide
(€47 Value)

  • ​Are you sh*t scared of your first photo shoot? You don’t know where to start, how to prepare, what to expect? You believe you are not photogenic?
  • ​Discover the step-by-step system to master your first shoot.


List of tool & resources to get the most out of LinkedIn™
(€47 Value)

  • ​Tools and resources that will help you save a lot of time, effort and money
  • Concrete examples on how to design a background image and how to write recommendations
  • ​Links to pages that provide FREE images & I use to make my About section stand out

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

At twenty-nine, at the peak of my corporate career and deep unhappiness, I quit my job and started from scratch.

During a nine-month sabbatical I changed the way I think, speak and act. I committed to design my purposeful dream life and founded Think Natalia.

My obsession is coachsulting people who left corporate to do their own thing. Building thought leadership personal brands on LinkedIn™. My aim: A tribe of one million thinkers and doers to challenge, to change the status quo.

I speak globally, am German and live in Dubai.

I started as a Social Scientist, turned into a Dr. of Philosophy, a LinkedIn™ Marketing Unicorn, a Forbes Coaches Council Member, a LinkedIn™ Learning Author and Top 100 Leader in Education.

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